RadioTour Paris 2020
9, 10 SEPTEMBER 2020

Alexandre HOUGET

59 rue Meslay

75003 Paris


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Serving radios and the music market since 2006, HyperWorld has a large range of custom-made studies and surveys: #Hit Index (call out): to manage your playlist and hits like a pro and measure the value of song titles (familiarity, passion, rejection, burn, etc...). #Gold Index (online auditos): to test your catalogue for its golds and recurrents and take advantage of our exclusive web app for expertise, with a simple click. #Music Format Test (musical skeleton tests): making sure your music format is heading in the right direction and giving the right colour hue to your musical offer, the one that is the best adapted to your audience, by measuring the value it has for each musical genre. #Perceptual (content perception): to optimise your grid or programme and better understand its strengths and weaknesses as compared with your rivals. #Moment 2 Moment (audio or video content): to optimise your content with second to second adhesion or reject reactions for your high rotations talk shows (games, flashes, radio hosts, on-air graphics, in-house promotions, show hooks). #HyperTop France and HyperTop España (multiple subscription studies): for a monthly access to the songs that are broadcast the most on the radio in each region according to Yacast. Since 2012 in France and 2016 in Spain, with this offer you have complete results on hundreds of song titles and dozens of targets, with the Hit Index web app, for only a monthly fee of 100 euros excluding taxes in 2020. HyperWorld, a media partner with extensive experience with leading radio players, guarantees that your studies will be delivered on time and that they’ll be (hyper) reliable for each target, thanks to our representative samples: • Neutral questionnaires so that respondents won’t be influenced. • A respondent recruitment source mix. • Systematic elimination of nonreliable respondents.

Musical/Market/Audience Research


Alexandre Houget

Director of Studies